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01/27/2013About Us

About the author:My name is Dominique Vaccaro, and I'm a ship buff, especially passenger ships and yachts, but I also have a passion for planes and cars.More than twelve years ago, I've discovered and began to use 3D software with great interest. How to join these two passions? ...These 3D models of..

01/27/2013Shipping & Returns

All products available on this online shop are downloadable products, so no shipping fee apply.Please, regarding games and simulatoins addons, do carefully check the minimum hardware requirements and the simulation you order for (Vehicle Simulator or Virtual Sailor) before ordering.Regarding 3D mode..

01/27/2013Privacy Notice

At DVO MARINE DESIGN, we will NEVER share your name, datas, address, email address to other companies or persons...

01/27/2013Conditions of Use

1) For simulation and games addons.2) For 3D models._______________ 1) Terms and conditions of use for simulation and games addons:These MODELS AND ALL FILES contained in the archives are the sole property of their respective authors .By clicking to the agree button or checking the ag..

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