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DVO Marine Design


A 3D model of raft for Virtual Sailor 7



README for HMR HANDLE WITH CARE raft model by DVOMarineDesign for Virtual Sailor 7. June 19, 2008.


Version Raft_Handle_with_care 1.0.0, Copyright 2008, Dominique Vaccaro http://www.dvomarinedesign.com , for all content of the archive, excepted for the fish model and texture by Toru Miyazawa, http://www.toucan.co.jp/indexE.html.


The readme file (or readme-raft.txt), must remain with the archive and into your Raft directory in Virtual Sailor.





This model of raft has been done for leisure sailings in Virtual Sailor 7. I wanted something new and rather unusual in VS and I wanted to model a rather detailed object with a special atmosphere. It doesn't mean to be taken for serious sailing simulations, however I hope you'll use it with interest and fun, as much as I have had for building it.





This model and all files contained in this archive are the sole property of Dominique Vaccaro, www.dvomarinedesign.com (excepted for the fish model and texture by Toru Miyazawa, http://www.toucan.co.jp/indexE.html).

By unzipping this archive, you accept to not host the files of this model contained into this archive on any other server than the author's one, to not distribute them, to not sell them, to not modify, use any content or file(s) included (models, cfg files, horn.wav sound file and all textures) into this package for another model, for another purpose or person, with no limitation of time.

You can run and use this model in unrestricted circonstances, off-line or during on-line sessions or meetings, as long as you do not request payment for using it.

You can use it for screenshots or videos or images, anywhere for any purpose at your convenience as long a it is not a commercial one, without prior authorization. However, in this case, you must add "Raft model from www.dvomarinedesign.com", excepted if they're posted into the Hangsim.com Virtual Sailor forum, where you do not need to add this mention.

Any infringement to these terms will lead to legal action.


The author will not be held responsible for any damage done to your computer or programs installed. By installing this add-on, you fully agree with that term. However, in case of freezing or automatic restart of your computer, this is not the add-on itself which has been fully tested by four different beta testers that will harm your computer but the unappropriated action you may do just after.



-----Recommended minimum hardware and software:-----


2,2 GHz Dual Core processor,

2Go Ram,

GeForce 7800 graphic card with 512Mo graphic memory,

Microsoft Windows XP,

Virtual Sailor 7.





Simply unzip the main directory of the joined archive into your "Boats" directory of your Virtual Sailor 7 game.

Check "Use 24 bit Z buffer" on into your video settings of the game, Check "Specular lighting" on and check "Hide water in cabin" and "Show particles" off into your graphic settings option.

Wait about 10 seconds, depending on your system, for loading the basic raft (boat.xx) AND add about 10 seconds as well for loading crates and details (sailbf.xx) into the game. Do not switch off your computer while this process.

I'd recommend to set your water settings on "reflection" or "reflection + refraction" which is more realistic in closed waters. Water settings on "shaded" will be more appropriate in open seas however.

To load and display the crate and details, press 12 times your "Page down" key. To remove this and go back to the basic raft, use your "Page up" key. (sailbf.xx file)

If not loaded yet (it usually loads at the same time of the raft), to load the shirt on the top of the mast, press 12 times your "Insert" key.

To remove them, press your "Del" key. (saills.xx file). Check on "Autosail" in your options for allowing this shirt to rotate with the wind direction.

This is a tiny craft powered by a human. In consequence, max speed is rather slow (3.3kts).




Hope you'll enjoy your sailing with this raft!


If and only if you agree with ALL the above terms, you can download the Raft for Virtual Sailor 7 here.