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1960s cargo ship for Vehicle Simulator V1.1 Feb 7, 2011



README for the OCEAN CONVEYOR v1.01 cargo model by DVOMarineDesign for Vehicle Simulator. February 7, 2011.


Version OCEAN CONVEYOR 1.1, Copyright 2009/2010/2011, Dominique Vaccaro http://www.dvomarinedesign.com , for all content of the



The readme file (or readme.txt), must remain within the archive and into your OCEAN_CONVEYOR_VSF directory in Vehicle Simulator.


This v1.1 version is an update for correctly working with the latest version of VSF (2.24). The throtle functioning and the propeller rotation have both been updated, as well as the internal lighting (press Ctrl A key).






This model is proposed as a payware. That means,  if, by looking at the various in-game screenshots or if you already have used my previous models, you

value the hard and long work involved and if you think it is worth a few bucks, you have to purchase it in order to be able to download and use it in Vehicle Simulator. More, purchasing this addon will allow me to develop other models for Vehicle Simulator and its future updates. Developing serious models is really a long task and a real commitment once one is started. Doing so on a regular basis necessitates some financial motivation and support, with no other choice than providing a minimal decent income to the author.

Please note, you can make an additional donation at any time after the download by using the Donation button on our website , for any of my models.


A purchase with the mentioned amount will allow you to download the ship for an unlimited time, for your own computer only. But you MUST keep all the necessary codes and passwords the author may provide you the first time you download for that. Any datas loss regarding that will no longer allow you to download again later.

With one purchase, you can install it on as many personal computers you have at home. If you need to install it in other places for allowing other persons to use it, you must purchase as many models as computers you want to install it on.

Please notice, every download (first time or later times) will only be done after the author will personally contact you by email (usually within 24hrs). For downloading again the addon, you must contact the author by email with your original invoice received immediately after you first purchase it.


If you use and enjoy a lot the addon and you'd like to reward the author for that, you can make an additional donation by clicking on the link below or by copying and pasting the address in your browser:




DO ENTER A CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS, in order to allow the author to contact you for sending due thanks.


Thank you a lot for your generosity and support.




This model of tanker, GULBENKIAN has been done for sailings in Vehicle Simulator. I wanted something rather unusual in VSF and I wanted to model a rather detailed object with a realism note. Her behaviour have been meticulously worked out and I hope you'll use it with interest and fun, as much as I have had for building her.





This model and all files contained in the archive are the sole property of Dominique Vaccaro, www.dvomarinedesign.com .

By unzipping this archive, you accept to not host the files of the models contained into the archive on any other server than the author's one, to NOT DISTRIBUTE THEM IN ANY WAY (email, private message, disk, hardware, software material...), to not sell them, to not modify, TO NOT USE ANY CONTENT or file(s) included (models, xx files, cfg files, horn.wav sound file and all bmp or jpg textures) into this packages for another model, for another purpose than a use into the sole program Vehicle Simulator or for another person or application or commercial entity, with no limitation of time. By downloading or installing these files, you only obtain the right to use them on your personnal computer BUT YOU DON'T OWN THEM. THE USE OF SCREENSHOTS MADE FROM THESE MODELS IS NOT ALLOWED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN SHOWING THEM INTO VEHICLE SIMULATOR SIMULATIONS RELATED WEBSITES OR FORUMS. ANY OTHER USE SUCH AS PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL, 3D OR IMAGE PRESENTATIONS, RAISE OF FOUNDS, CALENDARS, SEARCH FOR INVESTORS OR POLITIC INVOLVEMENT, ETC, MUST BE DONE VIA ANOTHER SALE CONTRACT BETWEEN THE USER AND DVOMARINEDESIGN AND WITH PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM DVOMARINEDESIGN OR THE AUTHOR OF THE MODEL, Dominique Vaccaro.

You can run and use this model in unrestricted circonstances, off-line or during on-line sessions or meetings, as long as you do not request payment for using it.

In case you use screenshots in simulations websites or forums, you needn't a prior authorization but you must add "Model from www.dvomarinedesign.com", excepted if they're posted into the official Hangsim.com Virtual Sailor forum, where you do not need to add this mention.



The author will not be held responsible for any damage done to your computer or programs installed. By installing these add-ons, you fully agree with that term. However, in case of freezing or automatic restart of your computer, this is not the add-on itself which has been extensively tested that will harm your computer but the unappropriated action you may do immediately after.



-----Recommended minimum hardware and software:-----


2,6 GHz Dual Core processor,

2Go Ram,

GeForce 8800GT graphic card with 1Go graphic memory,

Microsoft Windows XP,

Vehicle Simulator.








- Simply unzip all the content into the "vehicles" directory of your Vehicle Simulator game.

- Wait a few seconds for loading the cargo ship into the game. Do not switch off your computer during this process.

- To enlighten all portholes and windows at night, press Ctrl A (anim.x).  To remove this lighting, press Ctrl A again. If on

some rare occasions, that lighting is not displayed in its correct position once the animation is activated (about one foot

below), then in your Vehicles tab when running VSF, select remove the ship and add her again.

- For a full load sailing, do set your ship's mass (select "vehicle" into the "Design" menu of the simulator, then select "1. body" then the [mass] parameter) on 54000000 (default value). For an empty load sailing, do set it on 32000000. Of course you can choose any intermediate value in between these two for simulating a partially loaded ship. As in real life, speed, draft and behavior of the ship will be affected by these changes of load.

- I'd recommend to set your water settings on "shaded" for obtaining higher fps . Water settings on "shaded" are usually more realistic for large ships in VSF anyway, especially when sailing on high seas or in unsheltered waters.

- This is an heavy, high draft and not powerful ship, with a maximum speed of about 18.4 kts unloaded and about 13 kts with full load, reached in a significant and rather long number of minutes like the real ones of this kind. Like the acceleration, the deceleration is very slow as well. Keep that in mind when sailing and maneuvering.

- To display the bump-mapping effect, be sure to have your "Vehicle shaders" and "Vehicle shadows" ticked on into your vehicle graphic options of the simulator and the "Simple Vehicle Mesh" box UNTICKED.

- Bump-mapping will still appear in a lesser realistic way if only "Vehicle shaders" are ticked on ("Vehicle shadows" off) but with much better frames per second (fps). For lower systems, you can choose to tick off these two options, there will ne longer be bump-mapping and shadows and advanced calculation of lighting onto the model, but it will still be enjoyable to sail with that ship.

- For proper functioning of the propeller and rudder, be sure to have the "Simple Vehicle Mesh" UNTICKED under Vehicle options as well.



I hope you'll enjoy your sailing and virtual oil trading with this cargo ship!


If and only if you accept ALL the above terms, you can purchase the addon via our online shop at www.dvomarinedesign.com/shop/