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README for RUNABOUT model by DVOMarineDesign for Vehicle Simulator. December 24, 2009.


Version Runabout 1.0, Copyright 2009, Dominique Vaccaro , for all content of the archive.


The readme file (or readme-runabout-vsf.txt), must remain within the archive and into your runabout directory in Vehicle Simulator.







This model is proposed as a donationware. That means,  if you value the hard and long work involved and if you think it is worth a few bucks, you can donate a minimum of  5€. More, doing a donation will allow me to develop other models for Vehicle Simulator and its future updates. Developing serious models is really a long task and a real commitment once one is started. Doing so on a regular basis needs some financial motivation and help.

Please note, you can make an additional donation at any time after the downloading, for any of my models.


For making a donation, please click on the link below or copy and paste the address in your browser:


DO ENTER A CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS, in order to allow me to contact you for tahnking you or in case of necessity.


Thank you a lot for your generosity and help.




This model of runabout has been done for leisure sailings in Vehicle Simulator. I wanted something not yet seen in VSF and I wanted to model a rather detailed object with a realism note. Her behaviour has been meticulously worked out and I hope you'll use it with interest and fun, as much as I have had for building it.





This model and all files contained in the archive are the sole property of Dominique Vaccaro, .

By unzipping this archive, you accept to not host the files of the models contained into the archive on any other server than the author's one, to NOT DISTRIBUTE THEM IN ANY WAY (email, private message, disk, hardware, software material...), to not sell them, to not modify, TO NOT USE ANY CONTENT or file(s) included (models, xx files, cfg files, horn.wav sound file and all bmp or jpg textures) into this packages for another model, for another purpose than a use into the sole program Vehicle Simulator or for another person or application or commercial entity, with no limitation of time. By downloading or installing these files, you only obtain the right to use them on your personnal computer BUT YOU DON'T OWN THEM. THE USE OF SCREENSHOTS MADE FROM THESE MODELS IS NOT ALLOWED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN SHOWING THEM INTO VIRTUAL SAILOR SIMULATION RELATED WEBSITES OR FORUMS. ANY OTHER USE SUCH AS PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL, 3D OR IMAGE PRESENTATIONS, RAISE OF FOUNDS, CALENDARS, SEARCH FOR INVESTORS OR POLITIC INVOLVEMENT, ETC, MUST BE DONE VIA ANOTHER SALE CONTRACT BETWEEN THE USER AND DVOMARINEDESIGN AND WITH PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM DVOMARINEDESIGN OR THE AUTHOR OF THE MODEL, Dominique Vaccaro.

You can run and use these models in unrestricted circonstances, off-line or during on-line sessions or meetings, as long as you do not request payment for using them.

In case you use screenshots in simulations websites or forums, you needn't a prior authorization but you must add "Model from", excepted if they're posted into the official Virtual Sailor forum, where you do not need to add this mention.



The author will not be held responsible for any damage done to your computer or programs installed. By installing these add-ons, you fully agree with that term. However, in case of freezing or automatic restart of your computer, this is not the add-ons themselves which has been fully tested that will harm your computer but the unappropriated action you may do immediately after.


-----Recommended minimum hardware and software:-----


2,2 GHz Dual Core processor,

2Go Ram,

GeForce 7800 graphic card with 512Mo graphic memory,

Microsoft Windows XP,

Vehicle Simulator.




- Simply unzip the "Runabout_VSF" directory into the vehicles directory of your Vehicle Simulator game.

- Wait a few seconds, depending on your system, for loading the runabout into the game. Do not switch off your computer while this process.

- To display the bump-mapping effect, be sure to have your "Vehicle shaders" and "Vehicle shadows" ticked on into your vehicle graphic options of the simulator. Bump-mapping will still appear in a lesser realistic way if only "Vehicle shaders" are ticked on ("Vehicle shadows" off) but with much better frames per second (fps). For lower systems, you can choose to tick off these two options, there will ne longer be bump-mapping and shadows and advanced calculation of lighting onto the model, but it will still be enjoyable to sail with that ship.

- I'd recommend to set your water settings on "reflection" or "reflection + refraction" which is more realistic in closed waters. Water settings on "shaded" will be more appropriate in open seas however.

This is a rather powerful runabout powered by 2X225HP engines (2X320 for the carbon version) and max speed is about 43kts (55kts for the carbon version). Considering it is a light boat (6tonnes) that hydroplanes, at that kind of speed, be very cautious with the rudders command (the wheel), the boat is very sensible in changing direction and you could nearly tilt over in case of eccessive turn. Be very cautious with the throttle at low speed when manoeuvring as well. VSF still does not handle sparate engines control, threfore, the effectiveness of the rudder has been increased for allowing accptable docking capabilities. Hopefully that matter will be added and resolved in an upcomming update of the simulator.




Hope you'll enjoy your sailing and racing with this runabout!


If and only if you agree with ALL the above terms, you can download the Runabout for Vehicle Simulator here.